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XVDV04GEN3 4 ch DVR with 3G Support
XVDV08GEN3 8 ch DVR with 3G Support
XVDV16GEN3 16 ch DVR with 3G Support

Never Go Back to a Job Site Again


It is a patent pending solution for transmitting power, video, and OSD (advanced OSD functions) camera control all on one, easy to connect, CAT5 cable. Our system allows you to control the cameras functions and settings remotely from anywhere in the world. Save time and money.

  • Play back on all channels ( local and remote )
  • Supports 3G mobile phone – Blackberry, IPhone, etc.
  • Email notification with image attachment
  • Supports dynamic IP
  • Programmable spot monitor output
  • Independent camera setting ( i.e. individual lighting, color,etc.)
  • Touch panel design
  • External E-Sata connection – for external hard drive that can be played on any computer using supplied software.
  • Archiving via USB memory stick
  • Multi layer user permission including specific camera access
  • Supports VGA and composite outputs
  • E-Mapping including site blue print and camera location identifiers
  • Easy to use graphical interface via mouse control, IR remote or touch panel

Features of our SMARTCONTROL™ Technology

  • Easy Connect CAT5 - Our cameras operate off a single, inexpensive and readily available CAT 5 data cable which carries the video, power and control of all the cameras on screen display functions.
  • All our CAT5 cameras function perfectly at any distance up to 750ft.
  • Save $$$ on cable, installation time and going back to the job site to adjust cameras.
  • The only High End system that is truly plug and play and offers total control.
  • Instaset (Pre-programmed scene settings) – Get a perfect picture in all environments with just the touch of a button. We have taken all the guesswork out of the camera set up so that you do not have to have a full understanding of each of the menu terms. Great for quick set up. (i.e. Color@Night™, direct bright light, digital zoom etc.)
  • Smart Power - Our camera incorporates our own power circuitry that isolates the ground from the power, eliminating the rolling bar that plagues so many installs.



Complete Camera with DVR

Mobile Surveillance with wireless internet capability

Complete Point of Sales Solutions

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