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Mini DVR


Mini DVR is the small-sized Mobile recorder which loads the TFT liquid crystal monitor of 2.4 inches. You adopt MPEG4 for compressed system, as for video recording resolution 720480 pixel, as for frame rate you have become the high picture quality specification which actualizes 30fps. As for video recording medium, making use of the SD card, it is approximately 280 minute video recordings possible with 4GB.

As a feature, it probably is in the small-sized recorder of such type to be to exclude unnecessary function thoroughly in the tend branch leaf end paragraph, to have specialized to beautifully as a video recording device of image. Actually, voice recorder function and the music player function etc which are adopted for and  are not loaded. It is designed as the professional device of the image which is limited to record re-function completely.

Specification item Contents 
Model name PV-500
Display 2.4 inch TFT liquid crystal monitor
Video signal NTSC/PAL
Compressed system MPEG-4
Resolution 720480/320240Pixels
Memory card type SD card
Video recording time 60 minute /1GB SD cards up to 4GB
Recording mode Schedule/automatic/manual
Audio record Yes
Photo record Yes
Audio/video output RCA 3-in-1 AV OutPut
PC interface USB2.0
Camera supply possible
power source
DC5V 500mA
Power source DC5V 1A
Consumed electric current 750mA
Battery type DC3.6V1A lithium ion type battery
Outside sun/size 805222.3mm
Weight 52g


Mini CCD camera of the screw which adopts the CCD element of 410,000 pixel class of picture quality concern for the image pickup element & button specification which, as for tip/chip size 1/4 " type is loaded. the model of advance are 270,000 pixel the part as a camera means to accomplish substantial evolution. In addition, it was not necessary for the screw and the button for camouflage bundled to be done in a way, separate exchange part, like front model to purchase classified by type, at exchange job of the camouflage part of attachment, it reached the point where it can actualize the screw and the button type camera easily. The area of this has become very stands in standpoint of the user grateful specification. The above-mentioned way, if expedient of camouflage by the fact that it actualizes with replacement of the part which is attachment, the part such as the screw and the button for camouflage is not installed in the lens, it reaches the point where you can use as the  small specification pin hoe lens CCD camera of 410,000 pixel class. When it is not expensive under any condition with when you saw and as 410,000 pixel camera price, added value is inserted in consideration, on the other hand cost performance is very high, front model of 270,000 pixel type and we have become setting of the same price peculiarly, the good bargain impression is very high, high cost performance it probably is the new concept CCD camera. It is the audio microphone attachment.


Product specification

Outside sun/size: Camera 29259 (19) mm, microphone φ934mm and electric battery BOX 587535mm● weight: 23g (microphone equipped camera section), 22g (branch cable)- Power source: DC9VAC adapter or the electric battery BOX● electric battery life for 006P9V: 30 minutes (at the time of 006P9V alkaline electric battery Fujitsu make 6LR61 use) ●CCD: 1/4 type 380,000 pixels- Horizontal resolution: 450TV book- Lowest luminous intensity: 3Lux/F1.4● electronic shutter: 1/60-1/120000 second- On-board lens: f4.3mm/F2.0 pin hole lens


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