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Camera Station

Administration - Recordings

Define recording properties such as recording method, motion detection and input/output signals to trigger recordings.

Administration - Motion detection

Define a grid to select the parts of the image to scan for motion. Set the sensitivity level of the motion detector.

Administration - Schedules

Schedule recordings, triggered by alarms or motion detection and define how to notify users about alarms.

View recordings

The Integrated Intelligence Camera Station software provides a multi-view playback feature that enables a user to view simultaneous recordings from different cameras to get a comprehensive picture of an event. The software also enables users to print, mail and save as AVI or ASF files for later use or storage. Users can also search for recordings with motion in a selected area of an image.

Camera Station Web interface

A normal web browser such as Internet Explorer can be used on client workstations to view cameras and recordings remotely from anywhere on the Internet.

Enter http://server IP address/videoweb in the address field. 



Complete Camera with DVR

Mobile Surveillance with wireless internet capability

Complete Point of Sales Solutions

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