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Axis Network Cameras


Axis offers a wide range of high quality network cameras for securing people and property, remotely monitoring equipment and facilities, and for sending live images and sounds for remote learning, troubleshooting or Web broadcasting.

What is a network camera?

An Axis network camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one intelligent unit. It captures and sends live video directly over an IP network such as a LAN, intranet or the Internet and enables users to view and/or manage the camera using a standard Web browser or video management software on any local or remote computer on a network. It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same network camera.


AXIS 206 Network Camera AXIS 211 Network Camera AXIS 211A Network Camera AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Camera AXIS 231D+ Network Dome Camera AXIS 232D+ Network Dome Camera AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera AXIS 216FD-V Network Camera AXIS 223M Network Camera AXIS 233D Network Dome Camera AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera


Superior image quality

Image quality is clearly one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important. This is particularly so in surveillance and monitoring applications, where lives and property may be at stake.

Demo gallery

Axis has ever since the development of network cameras first began, introduced a stream of image enhancing technologies and patents. One of our key goals is to continue to innovate and focus on our image quality market leadership. The best way to experience Axis' superior image quality is to try our cameras and see for yourself.

A world of endless possibilities


Flexible and powerful, Axis network video solutions enable you to remotely and cost-effectively monitor and secure people, property and industrial processes. You can use it to conduct remote education or troubleshooting, or broadcast sights and sounds on a Web site. How to design a network video system depends on your application need and level of complexity.

True IP network cameras

With a built-in Web server, Axis network cameras do not need a direct connection to a PC or any other hardware or software to capture and transfer images. They operate as stand-alone units and require only a connection to an IP network by wired or wireless means.

Aspects of image quality

Images can be stored either on the hard disks connected to a PC or a dedicated storage server on the network. With Power over Ethernet, you have the option of using the same Ethernet cable both for data communications as well as power. This feature makes it easier to install products since an electrician is not required and the network video product is able to operate even when there is a power failure.

Event management

Axis network cameras have digital inputs and outputs (I/O). Digital inputs that are connected to alarm devices or sensors can, for instance, be used to trigger the transmission of images from a camera to a select destination for recording, or request that e-mail alerts or SMS notification be sent, for example, to a mobile phone. Digital outputs enable you to remotely, or automatically upon alarm, close or open doors, turn lights on or off, or control other devices. Network cameras also have image buffers that can save and send the images collected before an alarm occurred.


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