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贝拉电竞appal Research

New treatments for cancer, heart and lung disease

One of the most powerful tools that physicians have in the fight against cancer, heart and lung disease is access to the newest, cutting edge treatments. New drugs and other therapies are constantly being developed and tested through a multi-step process called clinical trials. These trials are rigidly controlled, include many different phases of testing, and are designed to measure how well these new treatments work.

The Whiteside Institute for 贝拉电竞appal Research is St. Luke’s research department. Performing Phase II, III and IV clinical trials, Whiteside allows St. Luke’s to conduct clinical trials that would normally only be available at much larger institutions. An experienced research staff guides the studies, taking advantage of both the resources available and the large patient base. Principal investigators participating in clinical research have experience in a broad range of medical and surgical subspecialties, including acute and chronic diseases, and benign and malignant conditions.

If your physician thinks there may be a clinical trial available for you to consider, it will be offered to you.

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